Tredici Ulivi


Keep visiting our newspage every now and then. We will keep you updated by posting interesting news and "things-going-on" on Tenuta Tredici Ulivi.


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Extra Safaritents LUXE (with bathroom) summer 2019


For the summer 2019 we are going to replace 3 Safaritents LODGE (without bathroom) by 2 Safaritents LUXE with bathroom. In the lower field near the swimming pool, 2 Safari tents remain without bathroom. All the other Safaritents will become WITH bathroom. That means that from now on we will…

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Tenuta Tredici Ulivi on RTVOost television


Tredici Ulivi was on Dutch television on 13 en 20 september 2014 at "Grenzeloos Genoegen" of RTVOost. Click on the links below to see the 2 different parts! Part 1 (13-09-2014): click hier. Part 2 (20-09-2014): click hier.

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Tenuta Tredici Ulivi becomes Agricamping!


This spring, Tenuta Tredici Ulivi jumps into the world of Agriturism. We become a real Agricamping. This means that from the spring 2013 it will be possible to come camping with your own tent, caravan or motorhome. Apart from the apartment, the Chalet, the Lodge Tents and Family-tents,  from this year you can rent…

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Dustin Hoffman promotes Le Marche


Dustin Hoffman stars in a beautiful spot of the Region Marche. Worth looking! Click to see the video:

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Chalet for rent 2012


From June 2012 you can (besides the apartment, the luxury lodge tents and 5x5 Family tents) also rent a wooden chalet at Tenuta Tredici Ulivi. This winter we prepare the chalet accommodation for rent. The chalet is entirely made of wood, about 5x6m in size, furnished with a living area with kitchenette,…

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